Drake feat. Soulja Boy – “We Made It” (freestyle)

Last year Drake introduced a new flow prefixed onto the Migos club banger “Versace,” and the world was primed for Nothing Was The Same. Fast forward six months and here’s another Drake beat jacking; this time he eviscerates the new Soulja Boy (Last Name: Tell Em?) track, “We Made It.” Once you add some prime Kenny Powers sound bytes, or should I say “fiiixins,” and 2 verses from Wheelchair Jimmy namedropping Walgreens and recapping his Caribbean excursions, why the fuck did we need the ghost of Soulja Boy’s original “lyrics” at the end? “Nigga, we made it!” is all that was needed. Ahhh it is easy to cast aside Soulja Boy’s contribution, since this typewriter beat, produced by Purp Dogg, was culled from his mixtape . Like KP says mid-song, “Enjoy the show!”

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