Childish Gambino feat. Chance the Rapper – “The Worst Guys”

Prior to their hype I had been a Childish Gambino fan and a Chance the Rapper non-fan. But Chance kept popping up on features with artists I liked, so I gave him a second chance. — Acid Rap is a fucking win. — Meanwhile I have been a huge fan of Bino’s 2nd album, Because the Internet.

Initially this video came out the same day as the “3005” video (the lyric video stays better!), but that was aborted. I believe you could’ve found the video on the album’s vanity site/screenplay. I ain’t got time for dat!

What I am curious about is where is Chance’s verse? Chance’s nasal voice is on the hook. He’s in the video. Where are the bars? I think Bino hints on the case of the missing verse from Chance here.

Ha! Sorry Donald, #teamlightskin stays winning!!!

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