Phife – “Dear Dilla”

Phife - "Dear Dilla"
So it’s now a thing that I have not watched Michael Rapaport’s “Beats, Rhymes, and Life” documentary on A Tribe Called Quest. I’m scared. These dudes are living legends to me. Between Gang Starr, Tribe, and Public Enemy, my teenage consciousness was forged.

So all the while that Q-Tip/Kamaal Fareed has been living his SoulQuarian/Ummah/Abstract post-ATCQ life, Phife has been toiling in obscurity. Without Googling, I’ll say I remember the “Miscellaneous” record, another record, an album, diabetes, the comeback tours, and now this track. It’s kind of a greatest snippets of Dilla’s Slum Village-era production with a liberal dollop of “Hold Tight.” Props to DJ Rasta Root on the production.

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