Nickelus F – “’99 Alive” Jan23


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Nickelus F – “’99 Alive”

Nickelus F - "'99 Alive"

I bet you heard that horn and quickly sat up on your seat.

Hot damn! That horn is straight fyah.

You start to nod your head soon as you heard me speak.

Fuck, Nickel F’s rasp does command my attention.

You turn me up. You ball your face. You clench your teeth.
And nod your head to all this pop-off, and then roll right down the street.

Rob on the Trak does the production. Nickelus F continues on his streak of dropping hot singles on those who know.
(Twitter / Nah Right)

And if you ain’t cop that Vices album, do it now. No plug, it’s for your own benefit.

Nickelus F – GotDamnMurdah! from SHHO on Vimeo.

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