Childish Gambino – “I’d Die Without You” (BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge)

First off, I would’ve loved to embed the “3005” performance, but alas here’s the link:

Secondly, this song was a monster hit back in 1992 coming off the Boomerang soundtrack for PM Dawn. I was even down with this super hippie shit because they were like De La Soul and UMCs. However, I also was/still am a huge KRS-ONE and Boogie Down Productions stan. So when the story about KRS assaulting and tossing Prince Be off the Sound Factory stage started circulating, well, it was very difficult for my teenage mind to continue respecting PM Dawn. They got sonned. They are soft, and fuck dat soft shit!

Maybe that’s why my contemporary older rap fans can’t get with the Drakes, Kanyes, and Childish Gambinos of today’s hip hop music scene. But this song is still fire. Like KRS-ONE said, “Maybe we should rethink the strategy.

Hat tip to the Bouj.

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