Jeezy feat. Rocko and 2 Chainz – “Benihana”

Before I address Jeezy’s elastic metaphor, Rocko mentions how he cooks a filet mignon well done. He does know a filet mignon is beef not pork. My conclusion despite his verse: Rocko really can’t cook. Or Southern Blacks don’t know how to eat a steak.

Now Jeezy and this song’s hook.

The money in bag smell like blow and marijuana. I whip it right here in your face. Benihana!

Absurd, right? So like a chef at Benihana who cooks right in front of their customers, Jeezy is prepared to put his work right in your face. I think that’s what he means. Sure.

Again, play this at a high volume. Your hype Friday night depends on it.

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