Slum Village – “Yes Yes” (Produced by Jay Dee aka J Dilla)

A. Not a homage to WWE wrestler, Daniel Bryan.
2. The record art is very nice. yes yes.
III. No matter what the lineup is, Slum Village is still a collection of below average rappers. The best parts of Fantastic Vol. 2 were Dilla’s production and the features. It wouldn’t be a Slum Village track without handclaps, thick drums, and shitty rappers.

Was the last point unnecessarily critical on a track celebrating James Yancey’s bornday? Not really in my mind. There is much worse new music out there made by folks living on borrowed time.


PS I feel compelled to add the production credit in the title because the 2014 incarnation of Slum Village is definitely not the driving force to click on this post. Imjussayin.

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