Nicki Minaj – “Looking Ass Niggas”

Nicki Minaj’s new single. Alleged from her upcoming album, The Pink Print, and definitely from the upcoming Young Money LP, Rise of an Empire, dropping March 11th.

— side note —
Nicki’s hair game is game type proper.
— end side note —

edit —
So I had no idea about the album art because for once I was ahead on posting a video. Fuck! Really! Malcolm X on your single art, and not just Malcolm, but the picture of him looking out the window when his life and his family’s life was in danger. And wouldn’t you know it, today (February 21st) was the day he was assassinated at the Audobon Ballroom in NYC. FFFFFFFFFF! Dammit Nicki! OK back to the program.

Directed by NABIL. (so you know it’s good)

(WSHH via Karen Civil)

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