A Tribe Called Quest – “Butter”

Bonita Applebum

Like I was some kind of angel when I left for NYC. Hayden Hall was a treasure trove of beauty from all corners of the United States. But the one I wanted the most, the one I had then lost, the one who actually gave a fuck about me despite my clear Texas myopia, was the one whose namesake is the antagonist of this track.

I don’t want to get too deep into this. This exercise is unearthing demons. Let’s just say I should’ve agreed with her that “Electric Relaxation” was/is the best song on Midnight Marauders. Losing skins because I held my ground on the greatness of “Oh My God” was a poor time to be so fucking principled.

PS The girl above is not her, but a very reasonable facsimile.

PPS You get an “E” for Effort and “T” for Nice Try.

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