Al Green – “Simply Beautiful”


I know this about me. I know the girl I want has to be pretty. I know she’s beautiful. I know she’s too pretty for me. I constantly fight outside my weight class. That’s just the way it is.

So while my pattern has not netted an abundance of ass, the dimes-to-nickels ratio highly favors the dimes in my POV.

But at what cost? In the past I gave up my most precious resource, time, for the chase. And many times the pondering, the relentless pursuit, the dedication to beauty would freeze me. I put that pussy on a pedestal. And because all these girls were smart as well, my heart got hammered. I kept getting played outta position.

I wanted Al’s song to come forth from my heart to lavish on a beautiful, smart woman who was foolish enough to love me back unconditionally. I was a romantic optimist. Louis CK would beg to differ.

Listen to this song. Listen to deliberate torpor of the production. Al’s voice murmurs and quivers. He is determined yet vulnerable. He would give everything and more to this woman. I would give everything and more to the right woman.

Original smoldering recipe.

Special acoustic bonus!

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