Coldplay – “Sparks”

Coldplay - "Sparks"

There was one girl who dug me right from jump. The problem is I was infatuated with the girl who introduced us. But there’s no claim. And the heart wants what it wants. So I let my id take the wheel.

Conspiracy was abundant. In a rush to see this tall drink of water at her home, my car caught a flat en route. (side note — for those counting and caring, I would catch 3 flats en route to pussy in my lifetime.)

Donuts still roll, so I carried on. Homemade Italian food, an uncanny horoscope reading, and the tallest bed I’ve ever laid on. (fragment synopsis, enjoy it)

That was the apex. I would learn I was a means to an end. And now I’m stuck with this fucking Coldplay song in my head forever.

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