Dave Matthews Band – “Crush”

Dave Matthews Band

When I first saw her in the crowded makeshift library, she was stunning and shockingly unaffected. She always looked glamorous yet innocent. I knew I would run into her again when I was less in a rush. That next time would be an hour later when by chance again I would run into her at McDonalds.

Normally I am petrified by beautiful girls, but she seemed so affable and easy to approach. Her friend was visiting from work and was less everything. And there I learned how she loved DMB and her tragic flaw to be attracted to older men who would inexorably fail her.

She is Estella in Great Expectations. I am no Pip, and there is no benefactor Abel Magwitch. She was bred to be with more than me because her family was so much less. She is the one who needed to escape and blossom. I like to think I helped her along, but I was caught in her gravity. Her crushing gravity.

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