Gang Starr – “Love Sick”

Gang Starr: DJ Premier and Guru

I will never be good with the females. Maybe it’s misogyny or a general animosity. I’m not an easy muthafucker to cope with anyways, it’s surprising I could ever keep a girl’s attention for any amount of time.

But in high school I was on full chase mode with terrible success. Sure I could have this one or that one, but I wanted the unobtainable. Climb every mountain. And when I finally stopped getting played and looked right in front of me, there was the girl I should’ve settled on from jump. Ha! Then the real games began.

Because I really thought I could have this chick and still be me. See her one day then see the fellas later that day. My time was my time, right? Fuck dat! All those missed opportunities and mixed messages with other chicks had left me woefully inexperienced in being a boyfriend. I was getting played. I was a chump. When she called, I ran to her.

At least I was getting the boots. Yeah, she was easy like that.

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