Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child o’ Mine”

Guns N' Roses

I don’t know what the fuck string skipping is. I’m no rock guy. Never was, probably never will be. I am intrigued how powerful the wail of a guitar is on people, but I’m a drums dude.

But there is some fucking power in that guitar solo intro. Then the band storms in, and now you’re in too deep. The song’s magic has got you by the throat. And then…

She’s got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories

It’s a gawddamn love song to a girl. Axl’s girl. But she can be any girl. The girl you have. The girl you want to have.

When she handed me the loose leaf paper with all of the lyrics of “Sweet Child o’ Mine” neatly written in a rainbow of colors, I thought it was her poem. She was aghast because I had never heard of Guns N’ Roses. I mean I had heard of them. I had MTV, but I watched Yo! MTV Raps religiously and the rest of the whitebread music channel sporadically. This was not Big Daddy Kane or Eric B. & Rakim.

But make no mistake, she was the girl I crushed on so hard, that I purposely tried to find a way to sit next to her in Algebra class. And on this day, some Jewish holiday that cleared out the bulk of our class. I learned about her love of this song and her rebellious nature. I already knew she would always be smarter than me, and her smile dumbfounded me to point of social retardation.

The song is forever a reminder of her. The lyrics more poignant, but it’s all an illusion (no fucking pun intended). If anything, the innocence of my moments with her are the best memories.

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