Jamiroquai – “Morning Glory”


I have had only one relationship end without contention and bitterness. I know I caused it. I was too strong in views. I was not serious enough about serious shit. I was hard to be easy, too easy to be hard. Yet she still suffered through my emotions.

Maybe because she was so pure in heart and direction, I felt like I was made to protect her from all the ills in the world. She was far more accomplished at her age than I was at mine, yet she made me feel dominant. I like to think that. During the heart of our relationship, I had purchased the O. Henry Prize Short Stories collection. The prizewinner was Kevin Brockmeier’s “The Ceiling” which I don’t remember much except for the ending. An ending which mirrored my life’s growing inflexibility vs her nascent acceleration to greatness.

In the end she was too good for me. Her shy, broad smile and bright eyes are burnished into my mind and outshines the faces of girls I spent more time with during my lifetime. She is the one who got away because I was not good enough.

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