Lenny Kravitz – “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”

Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

The longest continuous period of locked-down relationship bullshit I endured was 4 years. It was gawddamn work. I wouldn’t wish that shit on anybody. Sure there were good times, but all I remember were the tears I cried and pain inside. So many years we tried to keep that love inside. Ha! I was channelling Lenny for a minute.

One Valentine’s Day, I think it was our last official one together, we worked together at this computer school. She sat upfront to greet students; I sat in the back to handle calls and process shit. I had ordered flowers for her, something nice for the front desk that my humble salary could afford. I just had to wait for the delivery.

Delivery man arrives with balloons. They’re for her. What the fuck! They are from some other teaching assistant. WHAT THE FUCK! No fucking decorum with these vultures! Then another set of balloons arrive for her. Those are from a student. Now she has a gang of balloons/flowers/bullshit and my shit hasn’t arrived yet. And she’s answering questions from other gawkers like, “no they aren’t from my boyfriend, but aren’t they nice?”

And when my bullshit vase with a half-dozen roses arrives…WHO THE FUCK CARES? I got out-Whataburgered on fucking Valentine’s Day. And at my advanced age, I know this shit holiday is really an arms race. Go strong or keep that shit to yourself.

So many years we tried to keep our love alive…

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