Slick Rick – “Mistakes of a Woman in Love with Other Men”

Slick Rick

Love, or whatever the fuck 17-year-olds think is love (which is really the afterglow of fucking or some shit), does not fucking work over long distance. You’d think I would know this after watching my parents’ marriage disintegrate into a miasma of physical abuse and adultery.

Sure I was young but New York City made me feel like a conquering adult. But just as strong was the crushing homesickness and yearning for the only girl I gave a fuck about. Yes, she was the only girl I should’ve known better about.

The unanswered phone calls. The empty-hearted letters. The cruel pictures of her and her local dick. Yet I carried on with my desperate pleas for her heart.

Those in the know will know how this story ends. It gets worse. By Christmas everything was broken. My relationship, my time in NYC, my education, and my heart were in disarray. I flailed away at some chickenhead at Pizza Roma. And when I really realized, once again, that my solution was right in front of me — should I say three doors down on the 2nd floor of Hayden Hall — this time the opportunity was lost forever. I resigned to a fall back position that would cost me so much more emotionally on a later date.

Don’t forgive cheaters. Like a rabid animal, it is their nature not to be tamed.

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