Toro Y Moi – “Cola”

Toro Y Moi

I know distance kills relationships. I tried lying to myself by saying my situation was temporary. I will go back home. I know it’s a lie. I love it here. I don’t really love it here. It’s tough. This city will accept all your dreams and suffer no fools. Home is a comforting, inviting, and forgiving.

We lied to each other. We lied to ourselves. Distance kills relationships that aren’t built to last. We had strong ties but miles to go on critical attributes. Our wants seem similar. Our wants are disparate. I could project strength for only so long. I could mask the hurt with whimsy for so long. I could stretch a lie for only so far.

She ended it. No whimpering. The break was resolute and absolute. I haven’t spoken to her since, and it’s a shame.

Irreverant unofficial video

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