50 Cent – “The Funeral”

50 Cent, Forbes

50 Cent came on the scene back in 1999 with a Trackmasters-produced “How To Rob” which pissed a bunch of industry folk and folks from other industries. The repercussions was 9 bullets perforating his body, but 50 lived and came back with determined vigor. He released the mixtape, Guess Who’s Back, in 2002 with the track “50 Bars” serving notice of future prominence.

50 bars of pleasure, 50 bars of pain
When I’m dead and gone niggas gon’ remember my name, 50

12 years at Interscope, and 50 got his freedom papers. On Feb 20th, 50 Cent broke away from Interscope/Aftermath/Shady and signed his G-Unit label to Caroline/Capitol/UMG. More control, more power, more freedom, and the first release, Animal Ambition, is due out June 3rd.

We all can’t win. Some of us gotta lose.

Here’s the first release, “The Funeral,” the unofficial sequel to “50 Bars.”


BONUS VIDEO: 50 Cent – “50 Bars”

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