Katy Perry feat. Juicy J – “Dark Horse”

Katy Perry and Juicy J

If music videos were supposed to make sense, then they should literally follow the lyrics of the song. But music is more than just the words, it’s the melody, harmony, mood, and the feeling it generates in you.

Now, that’s out of the way. Here’s Katy Perry as the Alabaster Pharoah or some shit like that. Katy is turning suitors into sand. Katy is dancing with anthropomorphic kitties. She is conjuring storms and transforming pyramids. It’s the Illuminati, y’all!

Obviously after the cries of occult worshipping from Katy’s 2014 Grammy performance (you try finding that video and link it to me. trust me if you haven’t seen it: fire, creep shit, brooms as poles for dancing, Juicy J. edit: hat tip to @theboujblog for helping me find a video), Katy decides to double down with this Technicolor Egyptian (read: Illuminati) mindfuck. It’s got everything: a talking sphinx, dancing blue strongmen, a headpiece that changes color with her mood, and Juicy J. It’s the Illuminati, y’all.

I can’t be mad at it. This is her “Remember The Time.” This is her “POWER.” Meaning this video is a ridiculous callback to an antiquity era that couldn’t be as fabulous as its depiction. It’s the Illuminati, y’all. (OMG they are so many signs!)


BONUS TRIPPY VIDEO: Art of Noise – “Moments of Love”
Why? Obviously because “Dark Horse” sampled it.

ANOTHER BONUS VIDEO: “Dark Horse” Grammy performance

Katy Perry featuring Juicy J – Dark Horse – 2014 Grammy Awards from Ryan Amstad on Vimeo.

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