Black Atlass – “Paris”

Black Atlass

Here at 10yravg, we aren’t at the point where we can break new music, but when we hear great music, we’ll tell you about it. Such is the case with Black Atlass and his single, “Paris.”

Per the “legend” in Okayplayer, P-Thugg from Chromeo discovered Black Atlass at a Montreal club and alerted A-Trak (brother of his Chromeo partner, Dave1) about how great this kid is. A-Trak must’ve agreed and signed him to Fools Gold Records.

This track came out 8 months ago. In that time, Fools Gold has nurtured him and recently released an EP, Young Bloods. The EP is a glitchy yet soulful R&B affair. I recommend it.

“Paris” is not on the EP and shouldn’t be. The record is the artist at a nascent stage. Ebullient and emotional, Black Atlass coos and warbles his wanting love song. There’s power in his whispered vocals.

No doubt I am now a fan of Black Atlass, but this is where you should start. Play the song below then go out and discover Black Atlass.



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