Coldplay – “Magic”


Coldplay’s new single, “Magic,” is a departure from the big stadium rock of Viva La Vida. Chris Martin’s big voice is hemmed down and conversational. But there is a high level of comfort that recalls the confidence of Coldplay’s second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Last week when the band surprised the world with a new single, “Midnight,” complete with a weird night-vision video, the world wasn’t ready. In fact, there were unfavorable comparisons to mimicking Beyonce’s midnight surprise and biting Bon Iver’s style. The autotuned incoherent lyrics didn’t help. Neither did the track which figured four minutes in is when the bassline should come in.

“Magic” is more what the public expects. It might get some comparisons to U2, but they are the gold standard for rock bands now and not bad company to keep. Personally Coldplay already holds a strong place in my mind and heart. They are the band for all the facets of love: the chase, the yearning, being in/out of love, or accepting its loss. This record portrays the nascent stage of love when it is both hard to explain and easy to accept.

Maybe this will be a return to the simplicity for Coldplay. Less bombast and more evocation. Martin’s voice has always been the main draw, so it is great to believe the band has recharted the marketing of their next album, Ghost Stories, to focus on the lyrics and emotion of the music.

(Coldplay Official Site/Toronto Star/Time)

BONUS VIDEO: “Midnight”

Coldplay - Ghost Stories

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