Daft Punk feat. Jay Z – “Computerized”

Daft Punk may or may not have worked with Jay Z on this track.

I made a casual check of my Twitter feed and Black Twitter feed and saw this tweet from FKA Hot Karl about a Daft Punk track produced by Kanye featuring Jay Z.

A quick Google search later led to a slew of brand new stories linking the track. And many doubted the authenticity of the track like MissInfo and Consequence of Sound.

The first clue are the anachronistic bars from Jay-Z (hyphen intentional) mentioning iTouch and Blackberry phones. Plus there are commenters “screaming” that the soundbed is a loop of “Son Of Flynn” with some computerized vocals.

Whatever the outcome of legitimacy of this track, it will join the long list of Kanye tracks of questionable lineage or unwillingly leaked to the massive.

And by the way, ((((PAUSE)))) on Jay trying to hit them high notes. It ain’t Common bad, but let the singers sing and rappers rap.

BONUS VIDEO: The ridiculous likely unofficial video of “Bittersweet”

Kanye West & John Mayer "Bittersweet" Music… by roguelionfilms

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