The Alchemist & Budgie feat. Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews, and J.Rocc – “With My Soul”


I don’t know know much influence The Alchemist has on Budgie’s production methods, but this beat is a fucking banger. I haven’t heard horns that crisp and forthright on a rap song since “The Funeral” hit the massive. And Bronsolini gets first crack at this cacophony with this line:

What if Allen Iverson was Chinese riding on a Harley?

What the fuck is that? The microphone can barely handle the intricate bars of non sequitir verbal wordplay. A$ton Matthews continues to impress me as a gruff counter voice to Action’s rapid delivery.

Budgie’s album is available at this link. I am inferring that the production is gospel-based. And it definitely works as source material.



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