Slum Village – “Yes Yes” (video)

Slum Village - "Yes Yes"

J Dilla is officially to producing that 2Pac is to emceeing. In other words, how is Dilla still producing for folks eight years after his death? Amazing! Ha. Ghost production, indeed.

Anyways this is the current incarnation of Slum Village. There is lone survivor original member and terrible MC, T3. Then there is the far less talented little brother of Jay Dee, Illa J. And the other dude who I’m not even bothering to research, Young RJ. RIP Baatin.

This video has to be a farce, right? Shout out to camera holder and mouse mover, Ryan Lightbourn, for making a decent looking video with a ton of questionable visual decisions. Why are there so many establishing shots of the crew looking bored at the TV? Didn’t they already have a “Disco” video (OMG this video is also terrible!) which did not involve a disco? Why continue the tired fake Soul Train motif? Could they any actor better than the terrible John Amos wannabe to be the fake Don Cornelius? Can I get any information on the light skin girl in the video who you think is going to sing/rap/speak but is really just the delicious eye candy?

If you’re looking for lyrical content, this ain’t the joint. At least, this incarnation is consistent with previous Slum Village lineups in that respect.


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