Atmosphere – “Kanye West” Apr08


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Atmosphere – “Kanye West”

Atmosphere live

Pigeons and Planes has a revealing feature with MPLS rap veterans preceding the release of the 8th album, Southsiders.

When we first saw the tracklist for Southsiders, the title “Kanye West” had a lot of people wondering. Well, here it is. “I wanted to write a song about loving something so much that you submit to the moment,” says Slug.

For a rap act who I have really tried in vain to champion amongst my friends, I was initially put off the use of another act’s name to gain traction. I get the song, which I also really like. Ant’s production is still a great fit for Slug’s everyman storytelling without being droll. But I also get 21st century marketing. I want Atmosphere to get as much as shine as possible.

(Pigeons and Planes)

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