Jaded Incorporated (Mayer Hawthorne and 14KT) – “Cocount Sofa”

14KT and Mayer Hawthorne are Jaded Incorporated

I keep playing “Coconut Sofa” over and over again because it’s so damn catchy yet so puzzling. It’s a 80s tribute like some lost Cars song but with some hip hop sensibility courtesy of 14KT.

What I try not doing is watching the video because the fake tattoos are hella creepy. Especially when the rendering makes the “tattoos” look like brands in the models’ skin.

Anyways I was going to write about this record last month, but they pulled the video. Now with the release of their second single, “People Change,” I felt I had to go back to the superior lead single.

Jaded Incorporated’s album, The Big Knock, will be available on iTunes.

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