Sky Ferreira – “I Blame Myself” Apr17


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Sky Ferreira – “I Blame Myself”


From the very time I heard of Sky Ferreira on the “Everything Is Embarrassing” record, I figured her management was trying to position her as a young “Borderline“-era Madonna. The processed blonde with the hard-scrabbled tough urban white chick look all seemed a bit forced. Sky has a much stronger voice and has a earnest ability in her storytelling and lyricism. In fact, her songwriting focuses much more on loss, failure, and tragedy. This is not pop-friendly fare, but some of it is wrapped in the bacon-y goodness of sunny melody such as this record, “I Blame Myself.”


So the video’s storyline is that Sky is a gang leader in Los Angeles. Sure, that’s artistic in some way. I have no qualms with that. It’s a weird juxtaposition like Lily Allen’s video for “Hard Out Here.”

OH CRAP! Somebody on Twitter cried “RACIST!” And it didn’t even come from Black Twitter. BTW I fucking hate this new PC term I’ve only seen on Twitter: #POC, which means “person/people of color,” a new reappropriation to talk about not-white people. This above tweet is almost as ridiculous as #NotYourAsianSidekick or #CancelColbert. There are real racists shooting up Jews and racist mayors who agree with the shooter. Let art be art, folks.

Anyways, I like the song. The album, Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira is available on iTunes. Cop that shit!

Until the exclusivity runs out, you can check the video out at SSENSE.


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