Club Kuru – “All The Days” Apr28


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Club Kuru – “All The Days”

Club Kuru

I tried digging up a picture of who makes up Club Kuru, a musical project from producer Laurie Erskine. This is what I found on my background check.

‘ku·ru’ – an incurable neurological disorder transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism.

Hot damn! Communicable brain disease spread by cannibalism. Well, let’s see what the music tells me. It’s a little James Blake but a bit more sunny melodically. That, of course, belies the sobering lyrics about the pitfalls of love, freedom, the choices we make, and the options not considered. And all this comes to a cracking crescendo of stuttering drums.

BTW the video, directed by Danny Sangra, is an incredible visual experience. Sublime storytelling. A picturesque setting. The video matches the tremulous energy of the track beautifully.


Club Kuru: All the Days on

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