Raury – “God’s Whisper” Apr28


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Raury – “God’s Whisper”


In another multiverse this record from Raury could be the Millennial anthem with all its bravado and conceit. But this is our world rife with the pitfalls of business plans, pisspoor marketing schemes, and miscellaneous industry bullshit. “God’s Whisper” is considered genre-less by its author, but because of his skin color (Black), his hometown (Atlanta), and his age (17), he must be a “rapper” of some sort.

No, he does not rap. Not on “God’s Whisper.”

Not on his excellent follow-up male/female duet record, “Sunshine,” which reminds me of a sanded down version of Shlohmo and Jeremih’s “No More.”

On his first release, “Bloom,” in fact Raury initially croons effortlessly over a mellow acoustic guitar riff then busts into a stream-of-consciousness spoken chatter that sounds a lot like rapping. “The very essence of romance is uncertainty,” is the quote attached to the song. So he must be an R&B singer because he’s Black and sings. No, he’s a hybrid like Chris Br…man, I don’t think there’s a real way to box this dude into a genre.

“God’s Whisper” is Raury at his full power. Spare lyrics emphasizing his freedom credo. He will not pinned down. Raury’s music is everything you love and none of the shit you don’t want. Just don’t call him a rapper or a singer or some folk hero. It is clear to me in the visuals of “God’s Whisper” that he wants to just be Raury.


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