DJ Khaled feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and French Montana – “They Don’t Love You No More” [tags]

DJ Khaled

I keep listening DJ Khaled’s newest posse cut looking for redeeming qualities. Meek Mill comes out of the gate with ferocity. Rick Ross delivers a nice bridge verse well within his range. French Montana is once again relegated to hook-singing and hype-manning. DJ Khaled talks at the end of the record to qualify for royalty checks. And Jay Z somehow finds himself in the studio ready for battle.

I mean that was Jiggaman’s goal when he compared some “soft” unnamed rapper to a lacrosse team. Or maybe he had so much to say, you can excuse Jay for flying way off beat on the opening bars of his verse.

It doesn’t matter. Mike Zombie delivers a lazy production job taking the “Started From The Bottom” beat, substituting church bells for keyboard lullaby, and adding strategic gunshots. Keep riding that horse into the ground.

Overall, this DJ Khaled track is sloppy as fuck. You can’t dance to it. It doesn’t feel like elevating jeep music. It’s just another rap dirge put upon listeners to reinforce our hate against haters.


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