The-Dream – “Black” Apr30


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The-Dream – “Black”

We Are One

There are no real coincidences in the world. So when The-Dream (Radio Killa!) drops his anthem “Black” on the same day that the NBA commissioner Adam Silver banished known racist slumlord Donald Sterling from the LA Clippers and the NBA, you have to admire the attempt at planned serendipity.

But this well-constructed song would be powerful on any other day. For all the strides America has made to overcome racism and prejudice, being Black still harbors way too many emotions, good and bad, burdening its people everyday. Sometimes, you just have to be reminded of all the good Black leaders have done in the past to lay the framework and ease our struggle. Intolerance is still out there. The old racists are not dying fast enough before infecting the young.

I can laugh about race, then again I can pass. Yet I have felt the sting more than once. Being Black has emboldened me at times and entrapped in other moments. I have long embraced my unique position, maybe not my lineages. I know how to navigate this world as a man not born with ivory skin and blue eyes. I don’t need it. I don’t want it.

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