Stitches – “Brick In Yo Face” Apr30


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Stitches – “Brick In Yo Face”

Stitches - "Brick In Yo Face"

How did I find this shit? OnSmash certainly has a large repository of videos, but maybe I should be checking WorldStar because that’s where Stitches has amassed 6.6 million views for his debut video, “Brick In Yo Face.”

I can’t front, this track is hype as fuck. Stitches has a mixtape ready to go, No Snitching Is My Statement. In an interview with Complex, he states Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa are his influences and that comes through in his cadence and flow throughout his mixtape. His voice crackles and snarls track after track even when the production can’t elevate to his energy.

But it’s on his video where Stitches rampages around like brahma bull in a shanty house. The screen is too small for his personality. I mean, it’s a straightforward song lyrically. He loves selling blow.

My complaint is about the music blogs who think, “hmmm Stitches is white, but he ain’t like the platinum selling white rapper who swept the Grammys. However, I will make the comparison anyways.” WTF chump journalism. And yall get paid for this shit, Nelson Liu and Confusion. Come on. Let artists be just artists instead of saying this is like that.

Bump this shit, it’s blissful ignorance. Stitches is unsigned …for now. And dude has an AK-47 tattooed on his face…ffffffff


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