Usher – “Good Kisser”

Usher 2014

For the first single from his yet-to-be-named 8th album, Usher enlists a slew of producers to create “Good Kisser.” As listed on 2dopeboyz, these dudes are Pop, Flip, JProof, Terry ‘Tru’ Sneed, Natural and Oak. I don’t know who these dudes are except for Natural who I know worked on Looking For Myself.

The big difference is Usher has distanced himself from the electronic fuckery which have dominated his last two albums. This is not “OMG” or “Scream,” but “Good Kisser” is equally as danceable. Clearly with the dominant drum break flowing through out the track, there is an organic, visceral feel to the record. Usher growls, raps, coos, and wails in such a familiar, easy manner. Some folks might call this record a comeback, or at least a throwback to the approachable boy-next-door Usher. I guess that’ll happen when you divorce a succubus and have to rebound via a network singing contest show.

I’m going way off track. This single is hot. It’s available on iTunes, but I’m sure you’ll listen to the track on repeat on Vevo.


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