G-Eazy feat. Remo – “I Mean It” May30


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G-Eazy feat. Remo – “I Mean It”

G-Eazy at Roseland Ballroom

I didn’t know anything about G-Eazy and his single, “I Mean It,” until it popped up repeatedly in my suggested videos on YouTube. The 2010s formula for white rappers is you trade on their whiteness whether it be preppy, punky, Jew-y, girly, or angsty. Honestly I had seen G-Eazy’s name and face on Spotify and thought it was some iteration of G. Love & Special Sauce.

All the stereotypes aside, I feel that G-Eazy harnessed his true lyricism and technique to create a familiar yet unique sound for “I Mean It.” The production hits hard. His confidence/arrogance is catchy. I can fuck with this. It’s not thoughtful music, it’s midnight-marauding-after-a-great time music. We can use that.

And this video is funny as fuck. That other newsgirl can get it as well.

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