Joey Bada$$ – “Big Dusty”

Pro Era's Joey Bada$$

“Bitches lie. Niggas lie. Numbers, too.”

The genius of Joey Bada$$ is how he infuses his conversational flow with so much symbolism and wordplay. Because his lyrics demand deciphering, the musical backdrop must be equally soothing and complex. But for his major label debut, Joey’s voice is more ragged and vigorous belying the laidback nature of his 1999 album. This is a man who has had to bury his best friend while carrying the dual burden of leading his Pro Era crew and fashioning his own solo career.

“Big Dusty” is not what you’d expect for an opening single. Densely rhymed and coldly constructed, the track is a throwback to the mid-90s East Coast days when NYC rap was counterprogramming to the West Coast glossy G-Funk era. Joey is not going to win over his generation of 2nd half Millennials with old jazz loops and gruff braggadocio rhymes, but he will collect more loyal followers who will definitely wait attentively for the next salvo from the B4DA$$ album.

Purchase “Big Dusty,” produced by Kirk Knight, on iTunes: (link)


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