Erick Arc Elliott – “Love Shawty”

Erick Arc Elliott

I get the sense Erick Arc Elliott AKA Erick the Architect never wants to pigeonholed as a rap producer. His production work has been varied, and now he releases an instrumental track “Love Shawty” with sprinkles of vocal samples from “Shut Up” by Trick Daddy and friends.

But now with the marching band horns and early 00s trap drums scrubbed away, Erick serves up a bed of ethereal bells and bouncing drums. And for some reason Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” popped into to my head. Although if you did flip the track to 45RPM…

I digress. “Love Shawty” is a great exercise of how to repurpose and re-imagine hip hop beats and tropes into something slightly against tradition. Soundcloud says this is from Arcstrumentals Vol. I. I want that immediately.


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