French Montana – “Don’t Panic” (video)

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana

When I create these writeups, I try not to get too deep. I’m not a journalist or an industry dude. I’m just writing to write. When I source an article, I usually have a lot of choices because everyone is just copying off each other like a Marketing class full of Pakistanis.

So when I notice that white women’s gossip rag, Us Magazine, is writing about the latest French Montana video, I know my Moroccan brother has slipped his dick into the big time. The whole article is written with trepidation and false juxtapositions. Doesn’t the author remember that Khloe Kardashian was dating a crackhead ballplayer before French Montana.

“Bound 2” … part two?

Why because it’s a Kardashian appearing in a rap video? Come on Rachel McRady. You’re better than…. hahaha no, she ain’t. She’s a Millennial gossip rag writer who went to James Madison. Isn’t that an East Coast safety school?

Anyways. It’s just another rap video rehashing a movie for their video motif. At least the track is hype.

(MTV / Us Magazine)

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