Jeezy feat. The Game and Rick Ross – “Beautiful”

Photo by Prince Williams –

From the moment the track starts, the falsetto melody haunted me, not because of its tones, but because I could not place the sample. It was a foreign group, I believed, but maybe Galt MacDermott instead. I couldn’t stop thinking about the voice. Rather than searching through my sample archive, I hope to find another artist who sampled the same track. I started with Dilla, but that was not right. Maybe MF Doom…I combed through all his Special Herbs. What a gold mine but no dice. It felt like something Curren$y would use, but I couldn’t find it there. I should’ve looked harder. Eventually I cheated and let the Internet eventually tell me. C-Section posts were growing on Soundcloud. I knew younger ears would tie it together. And there it is: Cortex – “Chanson D’un Jour D’hiver”

I can finally focus on the meat of the song. Jeezy, (The) Game, and Rick Ross are actually almost engaged in a 3-man weave. So many times an artist will have a song with two features, and the customers receive a track comprised of verse-hook-verse-hook-verse. Since all 3 men have a smooth, conversational flow, riding over the French jazz sample is a natural fit. Actually anyone with a nice flow can spit over a Cortex-driven and sound good. Because the more I listen to “Beautiful,” the more zoned I get into Black Metaphor’s drums riding underneath the soprano(?) vocals.

Anyways #SeenItAll coming soon. “Beautiful” is out now.


To learn about Cortex’s influence on current rap production

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