Hudson Mohawke – “Chimes”

Hudson Mohawke at Pitchfork Festival 2014

“Chimes” from Hudson Mohawke sounds very familiar. Oh yeah, it’s on that Apple MacBook commercial with the stickers. Well, now that he’s getting paid, let’s talk about the music.

Back in the day, selling out was taboo, but that was creating a song with pop flourishes. Creating a song as a soundtrack for life or a movie was no damn problem. It’s still true today.

Some situations to play “Chimes” at maximum volume:

  • to put that battery in my back and go hard
  • to synchronize with shit falling down around me
  • for my football/basketball highlights mix
  • to get others hype when the party is dying down

BTW I only noticed the chimes after the 2nd play. Now I really listen for them. That’s the thing about trap, the quietude then the jarring. Keeps you on your toes. But dem horns doe!

Chimes EP by Hudson Mohawke will be out on September 29.


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