Waze & Odyssey vs R. Kelly – “Bump & Grind 2014”

Waze & Odyssey and friend. (sorry, friend)From reading the C-Section of this video, people really don’t like Waze & Odyssey’s reinterpretation of R. Kelly’s “Bump n’ Grind” as a house song. They point out the direct sampling of the Nightcrawler single “Push The Feeling On” and ridicule the usage of the wrong album in the video. (“Bump n’ Grind was on 12 Play obviously, not TP-2.com, even though that cover is far more ridiculous and indicative of the ego of Robert Sylvester Kelly.)

Anyways I can’t be bothered by all this electronica minutiae and trifling. All I know is the shit is 4×4 and built for dancing and drugs and girls. And dudes like me have to find any way to find joy in this monotony, so if the song happens to include the Pied Piper of R&B, I like it.

Oh shit, I almost forgot to include my video observations because there are so many bizarro folks on display.

  • that’s clearly Dan the Automator as Chinese Urkel
  • flip the table…turn up!
  • a Black male mannequin?!
  • nice fat cholo who doesn’t look especially Mexican
  • enough with fake James Harden
  • the Wendy’s girl is the Bear!!!
  • Socko!
  • that’s the most G’d up sign language I’ve ever seen
  • the video would’ve been better with R. Kelly

Waze & Odyssey have a large library of stuff, although I’ve never heard of them until this. Just stick with the formula: one 90s/00s R&B song + two 90s dance songs + wacky video = profit! Come on now, Ginuwine needs a check, too.

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