Nicki Minaj – “Pills N Potions” / “Anaconda”

Nicki Minaj - "Pills N Potions"

This summer Nicki Minaj has release two diametrically opposed tracks leading up to the release of her album, The Pink Print. “Pills N Potions” is a pensive letter to someone who causes great pain but more love for her. While “Anaconda” is her ratchet, pop-rap anthem devoted to her ass. The thought that both these records will share space under the same album is amazing. On the same album will be Nicki at her most visceral, martial, and combative. You could say the first 3 singles were so Nicki could reclaim her status as lyricist back on par with her verse on “Monster” while the last 2 singles are keep her broader audience.

What bothers me is extreme novelty of “Anaconda” following the probing earnest of “Pills N Potions” and how people reconcile the two tracks. Nicki has built her image on her beauty, her body, her rapping ability, and her pop sensibility. It’s one thing to make it pass the hip hop community after “Super Bass” but to do it again after “Starships” is a triumph. Those songs may work for a pop audience but are rap poison, but here Nicki is. It really shows how starving Hip Hop is for a female MC to transcend.

Pills N Potions


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