Wiz Khalifa feat. Nicki Minaj – “True Colors”


The real appeal of Wiz Khalifa has always been his sensitivity. ((((pause)))) While Drake catches heat for being a sensitive Negro, Wiz has never been shy to talk about his drive, loyalty, and ethic. So when you have a song like “True Colors” which initially sounds like a cheap rehash of the Cyndi Lauper OG track.

But isn’t that the eternal battle of reconciling Wiz Khalifa’s music with the man? His music can feel cheap and pop and his delivery hazy and half-hearted, but as a listened again and again to “True Colors,” it’s his narrative of resilience that won me over. I mean I wanted to say something about his ridiculous appearance or something about his inexplicably famous wife, Amber Rose, or how Nicki murdered her verse. But I’m sure Wiz knows who he is and this track is here to shame me. Who am I to measure him as a man? He’s selling records and booking shows. His message is empowering. It always has been. Wiz Khalifa is still the unlikeliest of rap stars. While bigger couples in rap culture are dodging rumors and scandal, here are Wiz and Amber and baby boy still making it.

Blacc Hollywood will be released on August 19th.


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