BOY/FRIEND feat. Fat Tony and Tom Cruz – “Ride Slowly” Aug18


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BOY/FRIEND feat. Fat Tony and Tom Cruz – “Ride Slowly”


First things first about BOY/FRIEND (aka Shan Poo), when he stays inside that sultry love lane, he is winning everyday.

I may have seen the name, but this is the first time I’ve heard of him. That track is 6 months old and is already timeless in my eyes. The fact that he looks like filmmaker friend, Walter, makes BOY/FRIEND even more compelling. Although I’ve grown up among very capable Asian folks who can really sing, it’s still a shock yet heartwarming to see an Asian dude sing R&B on a national, albeit independent, level.

However, for the sonic jambalaya BOY/FRIEND is serving up on the “Ride Slowly” record, it has literally taking multiple back-to-back listens for me to divorce the parts I don’t like (the intro rap with an unfortunate Fred Durst namecheck) from the parts I do like (any part when Shan Poo is singing). Time to retcon my knowledge by downloading his previous releases and listen with open ears while wishing I could be considered Va$htie‘s dream man.

[EDIT: Dude likes Girls over Game of Thrones…/sideeye]

(The Fader/Vogue)

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