Que feat. 2 Chainz – “Rich Problems” (prod. by DJ Mustard)


With a lot of rappers like Que, standing out from the crowd of similar voiced rappers with similar subject matter may be feel like an impossible victory. You can hook up with the producers of the moment. You can pay exorbitant cash for an A-List feature delivering a B-List verse. You can write that impossible hook that will infiltrate the minds of listeners. The field will always be crowded, and talent is not a limiting factor.

But my belief is that “Rich Problems” can stand alongside today’s trap records and strip club anthems. Que’s raspy voice can create space for him as a unique voice in this rap game. He’s two-for-two after the release of his last single, the slow burner “Standout” featuring the hottest rap vocalist now, Ty Dolla $ign.

Que’s new mixtape, “Can You Digg It” will be out August 19. That’s tomorrow!

(This Is Walder/Billboard)

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