Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” Aug18


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Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off”

Taylor Swift on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

First things first, Taylor Swift‘s single, “Shake It Off,” is a hit. Can’t front. Moving on.

Because I’m not a music theory guy or a real music critic, just some dude killing time to talk about music and looking for new angles. Here’s how I found out about this single.

OnSmash is one of my primary rap resources which will extend out to pop culture topics. I will say this is not a shitty Manning brothers rap or Iggy Azalea retread.

Then on the other side is the money quote from some country music blog Google found for me. “The song is an uptempo pop song that will do nothing to appease her country music fans.”

I can’t speak for country fans, but this ain’t “going back to her country roots.” I made an analogous statement about Common’s new album, Nobody’s Listening, being a very Chicago “street” album. However, Common has never been a gritty rapper, just an honest one whose hometown is really going through terrible shit.

Taylor Swift is 24-25 whatever years old. Her love life, the songs she writes about her love life, and unfathomable way she manages to maintain a wholesome All-American image are the tentpoles of the Taylor Swift machine. As I have learned from her dustup (ha!) with Kanye West, her fans are ravenous, so I will say it again: “Shake It Off” is a great pop record. It will dominate the autumn. But this is not an urbanized version of Taylor Swift nor a complete rejection of the country-pop genre she propped up. I see this single as an evolutionary step for a woman growing up in front of the world. She’s experiments, she fails, she knows what works, and she is expanding her skill set.

(FreeOnSmash/Taste of Country/Buzzfeed)

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