Vince Staples – “Blue Suede” Aug19


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Vince Staples – “Blue Suede”

Vince Staples

Who is Vince Staples? I should’ve wrote about him 6 months ago after his excellent single, “Nate,” dropped but somehow, someway forces conspired against me. Here’s the video.

This is coming off his work with Mac Miller, another well-received mixtape, and two excellent collaborations with Earl Sweatshirt on the Doris album. Then came Common’s release of Nobody’s Smiling, and Vince is featured on the lead single, “Kingdom.”

Yet with all this foreshadowing and preparation, Vince Staples has dropped an aggravated, visceral opus of musique concrete. The lazy comparisons to Kendrick Lamar should be flowing in, but while K-Dot felt like raw product molded into a gem, Vince already feels like a complete package ready to be unleashed. Natural flow. Complex internal rhymes structure. A clear voice that cuts through the ominous beat. He is definitely an emcee in the “move the crowd” mode. Time for Vince Staples to step into his spotlight.


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