Ariana Grande feat. The Weeknd – “Love Me Harder”

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Show

The marketing push for Ariana Grande is ramping up as her A&Rs aggressively carve out space in the crowded pop world. At the same time Ariana has to fend off feud reports from her ex-co-star on “Sam & Cat” and endure criticism on her lack of dance talent. It all seems so ridiculous, so let’s get back to the music.

The first track is a winning collaboration with The Weeknd. Even at a fraction of his powers, he is still a quality, impassioned vocalist who can elicit the best out of Ariana. The rest of the songs show her vocal range and talent. She is playing to her strength in this 4-song package. Good work, A&Rs!

My Everything will be out on August 25th, but can be pre-ordered on iTunes now.


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