ILoveMakonnen feat. Pyramid Quince, Rich Po Slim, and Archibald Slim – “Vodka On The Weekend”


Last year Drake jumped on “Versace” and made stars out of Atlanta rappers, Migos.
Last Tuesday Drake jumped on “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” and another Atlanta-based artist, iLoveMakonnen, became a star. The difference is Makonnen has a whole label full of talent behind him ready to shine alongside.

Like his breakout single, “Vodka On The Weekend” has the same hazy, almost Art of Noise-sounding production (this time courtesy of Father), but Makonnen’s hooks bracketing 3 capable cohorts blessing the mic with bars. Listening sober, I just want to nod my head. I’m sure listening to this track un-sober must be amazing.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole crew here. (Soundcloud link)

(Mass Appeal)

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