Jacob Whitesides – “You’re Perfect” Aug22


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Jacob Whitesides – “You’re Perfect”

Jacob Whitesides - "You're Perfect"

I don’t know who this dude is, but Twitter told me today with this #perfectonyoutube hashtag. Social media POWER!

Then I go down the rabbit hole and learn that he sings acoustic covers with his guitar. And he looks like a Southern-fried 2nd gen Bieber without the attitude. I can see the A&Rs salivating.

When you click on his videos, naturally YouTube will offer more acoustic covers to watch and the occasional fan video. Whoa boy! I’m sure this is perfectly chaste, but I have never been a little girl. And my sister never look this sprung over anyone. Jacob Whitesides was already a star before he released a real single. I mean his fans are wild.

But what’s the upside? It’s clear that this is the new pop music model of discovery, grooming, and release. Rather than going to open mic nights and passing out demo tapes, kids are sitting in their bedrooms covering songs while scouts comb through YouTube click-to-click. I mean, I’ve known this for a minute, but now it’s looking like the tried-and-true way to make it in the music biz. It helps that Whitesides lives close enough to move to Nashville, a legit home to grow musical talent of his ilk. I don’t how calculated this dude’s cover choices were. They look like safe-pop songs. Since he writes, my guess is he’ll toe the same line Taylor Swift created: singer-songwriter pop with slight country overtones. He admittedly can’t dance which should steer him away from anything rhythmic.

BTW I’m not a fan of ascendant pop love songs. It’s cloying and does not grab me. I’m sure 8- to 18-year-old girls eat this shit up. This is middle school homecoming quality music, but I can’t deny his marketing muscle. In the time it took me to “research” and write this post, he’s gained 2000 followers. OMG WTF!

If you care, “You’re Perfect” is available on iTunes.

(Teen Vogue)

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